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 About Our Airport Shuttle Service

abacus_transport_van-200x150A reliable non-stop Airport Shuttle service dedicated to the whole Auckland Region (Auckland, Northshore).

Our 24 Hour online booking system accepts RETURN or ONE WAY Direct bookings for passengers.

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Free phone 24 Hours Auckland Airport Shuttle Helpline
0508 266 563 (0508 BOOKME)
North Shore Phone: 09 444 5673 or +6421 252 5945
e-mail : booktransport@shuttleairport.co.nz

Airport Shuttle Bookings

A Full Itinerary will be emailed on booking confirmation, or you may get a quote online. When exiting Arrivals at Auckland International Airport our shuttle will transfer you direct to your destination address.

About Us

Experienced Airport Shuttle operator est. 1996, licensed by Land Transport New Zealand License no. 0241880.

Fully operational daily passenger service booking transfer(s) from International & Domestic flights.

Whether on Business, Holiday or visiting family we look forward to being of service. We transport you to your destination Direct

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